Tiny Treasures Ministry

Tiny Treasures Ministry is a project that is very dear to my heart. It is the primary focus and mission of my studio. We provide photography service to the clients of the local pregnancy crisis and resource centers. 


These are amazing mothers and fathers who have made the choice to keep their baby, even if under difficult circumstances. Their pregnancy may have come unexpectedly and brought unique challenges or required significant sacrifices. 


In some cases they have lacked needed support or were faced with family or social opposition. These are the humble heroes, and it is my honor to serve them in my studio, to bless and minister to these beautiful families. And in doing so, I have the privilege to capture the precious miracle of new life in these tiny infants. It is my prayer that each mother will know her true worth and each child will know they are loved.

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In my experience, whether the baby is planned or unexpected, that one tiny baby can completely change your world. Each family faces their own set of challenges. Yet for some, those challenges can seam insurmountable.


Sometimes the father, or other family members are unaccepting of the mother's choices. Finances and other challenges can seem overwhelming. Some have laid aside their plans for job or study, or have tried even harder to do both. But in spite of it all, have brought that little life into the world. They have opened their hearts to love that little one, to give of themselves in the greatest way possible.

So to my Tiny Treasures clients, I want you to know that you are my heroes. Through your time in my studio and the images I create, I hope to show you how special and beautiful I see you really are. It is a way to provide professional quality images so you can show off your baby as the treasure that he /she really is. It is a way to remind yourself what a beautiful and tender mother you are, even when you’re tired and having a bad day. It is a way for you fathers to see yourself in a new way, caring and protective. It is a way for a blended family to see themselves as whole. It is a way to celebrate you and all the sacrifices you make every day.