Through the eyes of a photographer

The moment I fell in love with photography, was the moment I started to notice the world through a different lens. Suddenly I saw things I never saw before, even though they had been there all along. The details and hidden beauty was only revealed when I took the time to really “see”. Changing the angle or depth of my camera could reveal unique perspective I had never seen before. That is the magic of photography, to reveal the hidden beauty passed over or unseen by others.

As a portrait photographer, this is my greatest joy. To capture and reveal the remarkable God given beauty within each human being, perhaps even to reveal some hidden angle or perspective of which one was unaware or lacked confidence. Many people display confidence outwardly, but are secretly self-conscious of some small flaw or blemish which may make them uncomfortable in front of the camera.

Of course the beauty and innocence of a tiny infant is easy to see. Then the years pass, this world takes its toll. We are marred and scarred by the hardships and pain. We are touched and soiled by the sin and cruelty. After a while, perhaps subtlety and subconsciously, a change takes place. We identify ourselves more by what we do, how we look, and what others think, rather than who we truly are. It is this perception of ourselves upon which we form our reality.

 A strong positive self-image can be empowering, giving one confidence to stand strong in life’s challenges. While a negative self-image can be imprisoning, and is often created or dominated by outside forces or negative voices: victim, worthless, unloved, struggling, or looser. Even a pregnancy can take on an image of its own: blessing, miracle, mistake, consequence, poor choice, mouth to feed.

God looks on us with all our weaknesses and imperfections, and says, “It is good.” Why is this? Like a photographer, God can see angles and perspectives which we would not see in ourselves. But unlike a photographer, he is not limited by our current view of time. When He looks at you, He sees all of you. He sees and knows the whole person.

He sees the past you, the moment he created you, the beauty and innocence of that perfect little infant; he looks with on with the joy of a proud father on the creation of his hand and says, “It is beautifully and wonderfully made”. He sees the present you as a current stage in the process of growth and change, the making and shaping of the man or woman you are. He looks on with the pride and concern of a father watching as his child learns to walk, reaching down many times to pick you up again, rejoicing at each new step of progress. He sees the future you, all that you will someday become, the destiny you were created to fulfill, and the child he waits to receive into his arms the day you arrive in Heaven to see him face to face.

This is a wonder too great to capture with the flash of a camera. But more important than the image in the camera, is the self-image you carry within you. When I look at you, I see a person created in God’s image. We each carry within us, although perhaps still dormant, a reflection of this Divine nature. And as such, you are created to be loved, just as you are. It is my prayer that you will challenge those stereotypes, silence the voices that tell you you’re not good enough and to discover your true image.

 “You are beautifully and wonderfully made.”

By Marie Morrow