Baby Portrait Session Guide

Welcome to your Creative Lens newborn portrait session.

I am thrilled that you have chosen to trust us with the privilege of capturing your baby’s precious images. The Session Guide is here to help you make the most of this session time.

Please read it carefully before your session. You can click on the image to download the file.

Click picture to download.

What to bring

Our studio has most everything needed for a newborn or baby session. We have a large variety of outfits, costumes, props, etc.You are also welcome to bring any specialty items or props you wish to be used in your images. We welcome your ideas and your creativity.

The following is a requested packing list.

  • diapers 

  • pacifier (can be very helpful)

  • extra bottles (if bottle feeding)


Parents, partners, siblings or grandparents can request to be included in the portrait images. When it comes to clothing, the idea should be to wear items that will show well when images are printed and hung in the home. We suggest wearing solid colors or simple soft patterns that are not distracting. While we don't recommend “matching” clothing, however, when dressing the family, keep the tones similar. We love little boys barefoot and without a shirt or with a simple t-shirt, and Dads should keep clothing simple and similar as well. We also have clothes you can use, here in our studio. We have little white dresses for girls and white t-shirts for boys, a variety of men's shirts, and clothing options for mom. 

For Moms we want you to be as comfortable as possible. Maternity clothes or anything that feels good to wear is welcome. You are welcome to use our tops or gowns for you to wear. We do suggest wearing makeup – especially mascara - as it really makes a difference in images and will make you feel a little better as well. We recommend that you bring your make up and hair brush. We do have a dressing space where you can touch up your hair and make up before the portraits. 

You are welcome to bring a change of clothing, and we might warn you that when handling a naked baby someone will get soiled! If it’s us, we are totally fine with it, however; we may suggest bringing a change of clothes if you have to go anywhere after the session. 

When calling to schedule your session we would be happy to discuss your clothing choices with you.

Baby Soft Skin

Dry flaky skin and acne can occur in newborns after the first few weeks. It helps to bathe your newborn and then apply Eucerin or other natural baby oil to their skin to soften the flakes. For baby acne, cool washcloths will help in cleaning. We also keep baby skin cream in the studio to use if needed. If all else fails, we do retouch!


On session day we would prefer if you are coming to our studio, to feed the baby after you arrive. Babies will tend to feed more than normal in a new environment, and feeding them in our studio first will usually ensure a nice start to a session. If you must feed the baby before you arrive, try just giving half a feeding. For bottle fed babies we suggest packing extra bottles. Babies get very hungry during their newborn sessions.


If you are breastfeeding and your baby is younger than 6 weeks, please see the enclosed nursing guide of foods we suggest to avoid 48 hours before your session. Every baby is different but we have found through experience that certain foods really affect babies. Gassy or grunting babies are often this way due to an intolerance to spicy or gassy foods. Always consult your pediatrician when there are concerns.


Our studio location is 15026 Saint Cloud drive,

Houston, Texas, 77062. We are located in the Clear Lake area, just off of Pineloch dr, between El Camino Real and Space Center Blvd.


If you have any questions or any special requests, feel free to contact me at 281-683-0256.


We look forward to your visit.