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  • Marie Morrow

March For Life, Austin 2018

It was wonderful to see thousands of people, joined together, united in heart and mind for a single goal. What I saw in Austin was people from every part of Texas and every walk of life, passionately standing side by side. Politicians and elected officials working tirelessly to write laws protecting all right for life, student movements rising to the challenge to be the voice for their generation, and countless other organizations each doing their part. It is so easy to look at the state of the world, seeing so much pain, and to wonder how anyone make a difference? But Texas, you are making a difference.

Here we are at our Tiny Treasures Ministry Table being interviewed for the local news.

The response to our Tiny Treasures Ministry table was more than we had imagined. Our very unique ministry was quite an eye catcher with bright displays of professional baby portraits. These beautiful babies and sacrificial mothers are the true faces of the pro-life mission. Each little one is a client of our local pregnancy crisis or resource centers, for whom we provide professional service at our Studio in Houston, Clear Lake, TX. Our mission at Tiny Treasures goes far beyond nice pictures. We work with our clients, in efforts to bring families together, restore broken relationships, and help change self-image. We believe that each mother needs a supportive environment and each child needs a loving family.

We were approached by numerous pregnancy centers from around Texas asking how they could be a part of our program. At the same time several photographers signed up asking to join our program to be the photographer for the pregnancy centers in the city in which he or she lived. This formed quite an exciting prospect. I had started this vision with the hopes of someday being able to expand but now it seemed the demand was for sooner rather than later. We came home thinking about more seriously about what an expansion vision could look like and began drafting the preliminary planning stages for a state wide program. This is definitely a God sized vision, and it would be exciting to see what God will do with it, as we continue to seek His leading in this. In the meantime, we have plenty to keep us busy, serving the pregnancy centers in the big city of Houston. Never a dull moment…


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