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  • Marie Morrow

Hurricane Harvey Baby Care

I found my niche to help in these difficult days. Volunteering at shelters to provide baby care. Giving parents a break to take a shower, file paperwork or just some peace and quiet to get some rest. Yesterday I spent most of the day caring for babies.

Today we had 150 more evacuees come in. The shelter is set up in a gym. There is nothing for the kids to do there besides throw basket balls... into hoops... over cots where people were trying to sleep! The hard working staff running the shelter were already overloaded and couldn't do anything. I knew I needed a plan.

The organizers provided us with the use of space, supplies and volunteers. So I went to work setting up a children's activity room, using the supplies and toys that had been donated.We had activities and crafts for the older kids and toys for the younger kids.

Then I created a separate nursery space for the little ones. Once l got it set up and running, there was no shortage of volunteers willing to help with the kids. A very busy day.


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