About Me

I love being a mother, having raised four great kids. I love being married for 23 years to the man of my dreams. I love a soft breeze on my face and the bright glow of sunshine in the trees.  I love the joy of working with babies and the blessing of photographing the beauty of life's most precious moments. I love to create beauty and art in many forms, from painting to designing. I love writing with passion about things that I care about. I love the wonder and diversity that makes up our life's experiences, from deep, dark pains, to abounding joys. Most of all, I love the grace and comfort of God that has been my strength through the worst and best times of my life. 

Marie Morrow


Treasures of Comfort

My life has been a roller coaster journey of great sorrows and blessed joys. I have known deep loss and unbearable pain. I have also known divine comfort and immeasurable joys. I have known the fears as a young mother fighting long and hard for my husband's life. I have fought my own battle with cancer, and have overcome. I have known the hopeless of incurable disability, having all my hopes and dreams stripped away. And I have found freedom from my prison of pain to live my life fully once again, going on to live the best years of my life raising our family as missionaries in Taiwan. We have traveled across Asia with our children, experiencing the vastness and diversity of this world, the cultures and the people. I have seen my children growing into young adults, stepping out to find their way in the world. 


In recent years I experienced a mother's greatest loss, and pain so deep as to leave my world in darkness and without color, a wound from which it seemed I would never recover. But God found me in my darkness and slowly brought healing back to my heart. He opened my eyes to beauty and color again. I began painting for the first time (see paintings below), and in time my creativity turned to photography. Every image that I capture and all that I do is a part of that miracle. In each day I rise, each client I meet, each photo I take, each piece of me given to another, I find myself coming back to life. How precious a gift God has given me in baby photography, to bring comfort and healing for my own broken heart. So I will celebrate beauty, I will celebrate new life, and I will continue to have hope for new beginnings.

I invite you to visit my personal website: TreasuresofComfort.com, for a wealth of comfort and faith.

Or to find my book on Amazon, Tears Turned to Gold - by Marie Morrow

Broken yet whole
Enlighten my Darkness
Stormy Seas
Sunset Mountain
Piece of My Heart
The seed
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It is my driving passion and desire for others to know their true self worth. In a world where we are so often measured by our success, education, appearance or wealth, our identity can be lost in labels and insecurities.  It is my quest to find the true beauty in life around us and to look for the greatness in humanity. I hope that my clients will experience this and see the great strength of God's love within them.