Tiny Treasures Ministry

We are a professional baby photography studio serving the clients of pregnancy resource and crisis centers. We celebrate the miracle of each beautiful little new life. We strive to honor and bless these sacrificial mothers, caring fathers, and loving families. It is our goal to showcase their tiny treasure, to bring out the best in each family, and to help them to know their true and amazing beauty and value.

It is our great joy to capture the purity and innocence of this tiny miracle, so new to the world. To catch the wonder and curiosity of a baby passing so briefly through the stages of growth, from crawling to walking. And most importantly, we delight to reveal the intimate love of a mother, the caring arms of a father, or the sibling and family relationships that tell your unique story. From portrait session to photo processing, from initial consultations to final pick up, it is our blessing to serve. Our attention to detail and artistic talent create treasured images to last a lifetime. 

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